The Everglades

Beyond the edge of civilization, nature returns to a time untouched by humans.  Aligators bask in the sun, wild rare birds feast off the land and the sawgrass prairie comes to life.  You can almost hear the echoes of indian tribes of centuries past as you make your way into a place that only a few dare to go each year.

Its mystery and beauty calls me back at least a few times each year.  Covering some of it by boat and some by foot, it never disappoints me and I always find new things that catch my eye.  Somehow the dangers that lurk seem less intimidating than the timeless landscape that surrounds me.

It was because of my Everglades shoots that I also decided to meet and study some fascinating techniques offered by one of the great masters, Clyde Butcher.  His personal input has helped me immensly and I’ll be forever greatful.

Feel free to view my entire Everglades gallery at:

I hope you enjoy The Everglades.


About Mitchell Bloch

Mitchell Bloch's studio is the world around us. A blend of creative vision, style, and bold imagery are words often used to describe Mitchell Bloch's body of work. Known as a master of dimension and space, Mitchell's powerful use of lighting captures the true essence of a subject, bringing to life qualities often ignored by many other photographers. Some of his work has appeared in many popular magazines and Websites. Mitchell is known for a warm personality that manages to bring out the depth of his subjects.
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