Blue Cypress Lake

The cypress islands that nature created surpasses anything that even the best Disney designers could possibly envision.  Ageless, timeless, rooted through the water into the earth, they stand as monuments to time when Hernando de Soto and Ponce de Leon first discovered this tropical territory.

Located about 20 miles west of Vero Beach, Florida, lies the cypress haven known as Blue Cypress Lake.  Covering about 6500 square acres, Blue Cypress is home to some of the best bass fishing in the state as well as thousands of Osprey and countless alligators.

The name comes from the blue color appearance of the cypress as the morning sun reflects off the water.  The lake is only about 8 feet deep at its deepest point but from the surface is appears to hide an underground world that has yet to be discovered.  It’s a rare and fairly unknown spot and it took me over 30 years living in South Florida to find it.

If you love nature as much as I do, I think you’ll find these images will inspire you both spiritually and intellectually.

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About Mitchell Bloch

Mitchell Bloch's studio is the world around us. A blend of creative vision, style, and bold imagery are words often used to describe Mitchell Bloch's body of work. Known as a master of dimension and space, Mitchell's powerful use of lighting captures the true essence of a subject, bringing to life qualities often ignored by many other photographers. Some of his work has appeared in many popular magazines and Websites. Mitchell is known for a warm personality that manages to bring out the depth of his subjects.
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  1. This is a wonderful photo. Just flawless. Thanks for sharing this special place.

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